Kate Acaso

I'm Johanna Kate Acaso, and I've embarked on a remarkable journey that's taken me from the
Philippines to the exciting world of Insurance. Graduating as Cum Laude with a degree in
Beyond the professional realm, I'm a soul drawn to adventure. Free diving, trekking, and camping are
my go-to escapes, pushing my boundaries and allowing me to embrace the beauty of the world. One of
the most intriguing places I've ever ventured to is an isolated lake called Maragang – a hidden gem that
left me in awe.
In my current role as a Virtual Employee at Golden Rooster Insurance Agency, I've found the perfect
balance. Working from home is a privilege that enables me to spend precious moments with my family.
My responsibilities range from sending out billing reminders to managing payments and handling
various administrative tasks. It's a role that keeps me engaged and fulfilled.
Looking ahead, I aspire to be known as someone you can rely on, both in my professional endeavors and
as a pillar of love for my family. My journey has taught me that the world can be chaotic, but kindness is
a choice that can illuminate the path. In a world often filled with chaos, I've learned that kindness is a
guiding light, and I'm determined to spread its warmth wherever I go.